Long boot if Maas server unavailable.

Hello everyone.

I don’t know if am I writing to the correct category. I just faced with the dramatically slow boot system which was installed by Maas server (version 2.7) which unavailable during the boot.
I think this is a catastrophic bug when the system doesn’t ping MAAS and then try to run each init-script. 2 hours long! This is awful software.
To fix it I entirely recommend to run command right after the system booted from the disk:
apt purge cloud-init

I totally agree with you on this, I faced the issue multiple time and it makes no sense the server keeps loading stuff from backup datasources and it takes ages.
My solution as well was to purge cloud-init, I hope an other would exist.

I’m facing this issue again, we had to swap server NIC with a new one because of hardware failure, this NIC is not even the one which is used to join maas, but of course my network configuration is not good anymore because the mac addresses are pinned into my netplan conf. I actually just need to log in and change those, but I can’t.

Once again cloud-init is starting its stuff that takes too much time :

Any tip to skip this please ? This is so annoying.