Logs and Events Tabs fail to be useful

The log output tab is probably the winner of the worst possible mix of header vs payload ~ 10:1 (I’m being generous). Logs are supposed to be useful indicators of recent activity. I can’t figure out what activity is presented in these logs or when it occurred. It seems like a dump of config data (in strict techno acronym jargon) that could be presented elsewhere in a more readable format in the web app. The events tab is equally bad for its complete lack of detail in what’s going on - I mean yea, I hit the commission button, thanks for telling me. On that note, is commissioning a server for hours followed by a failure typical? Who knows? Goes from pending to failed - no explanation.


Thanks for this input. We have also identified that this area is lacking in its usefulness. We’ve begun some work to redesign this area and do a much better job of exposing which step the failure occurred in and what the errors were.

While we work on the larger redesign we’ve done a bit of tidying up for MAAS 3.0. The events and logs info is largely the same, but we also added the ability to download the full curtin logs when commissioning fails.