Local BIND config on controller not updating from changes in UI

Hello. I’ve installed 2.4 on 18.04 and have it working relatively well, but I’ve noticed that after I use the web ui to modify anything to do with DNS, none of the relevant BIND config files under /etc/bind/maas are being updated. In fact, none have them have been touched since the install.

I tried a completely clean reinstall and notice the exact same behavior. Any change at all in the UI (be it disabling DNSSEC, changing forwarders, adding a host to the maas domain, or adding a new domain) doesn’t touch the BIND config at all, making the DNS UI seemingly useless.

Is there something that has to be done first not mentioned in the install steps? I have everything else working fine; can commission/deploy with no issues.

Is this issue only happening when you are using the Web UI or is the issue reproducable when you are using the API? Could you please file a bug report in https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+filebug

And attach:

ls -l /etc/bind
ls -l /etc/bind/maas/

Actually, can you try this:

sudo service maas-regiond restart

Check if the domains you have created are now listed. If they are, go ahead and attempt to create a new domain and see if the issue re-appears?

I was able to reproduce the issue. This can be “fixed” by restarting maas-regiond after fresh install. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1807777 for more details.

That actually worked. I had tried rebooting before and that didn’t make a difference. Directly restarting the service did.

To confirm, the issue is present on 2.4.2, and the workaround is to restart maas-regiond. 2.5 is not affected.

Given that 2.5 is around the corner, and will replace 2.4 in ppa:maas/stable, it seems the best path forward would be to upgrade to latest MAAS.

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This still appears to be happening on the latest version as well. I had to restart the region before my zone files updated. This was a new install last night using 18.04.