Lifecycle of VMs in a Pod

Non-admin user can create a new VM in a Pod only via API, not via MAAS GUI. So if I run for example:

maas $PROFILE_NON_ADMIN machines allocate tags=sometags cpu_count=2 mem=2000 storage=10

Created machine is registered in a Pod and in an allocated state (for that user). But there’s no commissioning stage (this is a fast operation!), so when this VM is released, MAAS automatically deletes VM. I assume this is by design (like ephemeral VMs?) Is there a way (for admin?) to make this VM as a regular machine that can be released/deployed as other admin created machines?

Also, this command creates a randomly generated name for this VM. Is there a way for this non-admin user to create a VM with a chosen FQDN or at least domain (I want to use smth other than deafault .maas domain). Or is renaming reserved for admins only?