LACP during commissioning

All MaaS managed servers in our DC have dual 10G interfaces with LACP bonds. However in order to comission or deploy we have to alter the network configuration and enable force-up to one of the switch ports so as to consider the interface up even if LACP is not established. However we would like to have the ability to perform actions without the need to reconfigure the network, so we use the iPXE CD to perform PXE boot. It successfully gets DHCP config from MaaS but fails to complete booting because upon the cloud image loading it fails to get again an IP address and tries again and again to get IP until timeout which drops me to a busybox shell.

It seems that the issue is caused because the switch cannot bring the LACP link up thus it refuses to forward traffic from any of the interfaces. So the question is if it is possible to setup LACP during the boot phase of the temporary images

Hello Soumplis,

The issue is not the maas is your switch port configuration on the switch, I had the same problem and got it fixed.

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What brad and model of switches are you using also how’s the topology of you maas server and the client ?