KVM pods and Networking


When I setup a KVM host, I notice that if I create new subnets or VLANs that they are not available on the host when I deploy a pod even if I add them manually to the host in question.

Is this intended behaviour?

Thank you!

Hi @pfak, welcome to the MAAS Discourse.

Can you share more details about your setup? What MAAS version are you using, what OS are you deploying etc.?

Ubuntu 18.04, 2.6.2-7841-ga10625be3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1

Once you have updated the configuration, you should redeploy the KVM host (note this will destroy any workloads on there).

We have docs on KVM hosts (pods) - https://maas.io/docs/kvm-introduction have you worked through those?

Thank you for clarifying my understanding of networking with KVM pods.