KVM host resources incorrect

I have mentioned this bug in the past, but apparently still not fixed in maas 3.2.5-12014-g.da4969479 rev. 23696.

I created a fresh KVM host (Dell r710), Ubuntu 20.04 with hwe-20.04-edge kernel and set the CPU and Memory over commitment to 6.0. The server was never used before with ample storage, CPU, and RAM available and was greeted with this error: Apparently my RAM and Cores needs to be 0 to be able to deploy although I have 884736MB Ram and 96 Cores available.

However, once I set the CPU & RAM overcommit to 1.0, I can create VM’s, however, the resources are much less at that point (I’d like to have that over commit potential).

My previous bug request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1982423
And post about the issue: Conflicting virsh resources, gui vs cli

so, @james-o-benson, does your bug cover this one, or…?

I’m not sure your question here @billwear. I believe there are several issues happening:

  1. The first being that MaaS is having issues deploying KVM hosts - either virsh or LXD
  2. If MaaS happens to deploy a host, then there is an issue of virtualizing resources, any over commitments fail.

That said, I was able to manually deploy an LXD host, connect it to MaaS, and overcommit the RAM and CPU without issues.

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yeah, bad me, @james-o-benson. i was trying to tease out how many potential bugs were here and how they manifest. i could’ve just asked that. sheesh thanks, though, i think i have an idea that there is probably some weird breakage here.

I suppose I should add a 3rd issue.
3. Again assuming if MaaS happens to deploy a KVM host, we and I think others, are having issues having the VM’s work properly. For us, we couldn’t even get them to commission.

That said, we were able to manually deploy a KVM host from a ubuntu 20.04 deployed server from MaaS, once it connected, everything worked properly. We deployed using LXD version: 5.6-794016a. You can see my post here on how I deployed.

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I created a fresh KVM host (Dell r710)

@james-o-benson, wdym?

My physical hardware was a Dell R710, I included it incase the age of the equipment was critical at all.

@james-o-benson, can you independently create VMs with LXD on it?

Yes. I was able to successfully setup/create a LXD host manually and add it manually to MaaS, show above.

@james-o-benson, have time to jump on a Meet real quick, so i can look over your shoulder while you reproduce this error (and maybe get you to check a few things)? if not, that’s fine, i can continue to bounce things around in my local MAAS.

@billwear https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1993746

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