Kernel panic during first PXE boot

What does VFS: Cannot open root device … or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 mean?
All other machines are auto-detected using PXE boot without kernel panic but not this one.
How to debug?

Output from the console during PXE boot of this machine:

Any ideas?


This usually means the machine can’t reach MAAS to get the rootfs.

It could be either a network issue or a driver missing in the inirtd for the specific network interface.

What kind of machine is this and what is the brand/model of the network interface?

You are right!
It is a standard i40e driver. So it should just work.
A network topology glitch blocked PXE on this interface. Now I know the problem is in the infrastructure, so I started checked why it does it.

On closer examination, the glitch could be the interface:
18:00.1 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller XXV710 for 25GbE SFP28 (rev 02)

It could be this problem:

But I am not sure.

I’ll try to update the NVM.

It seems there is no configuration of this network card that makes this work. I have decided to create a LXD server manually. The network card seems to have a bug regarding PXE booting, but everything else works.

I have come across this issue but it only happens when the nodes are booting UEFI/HTTP.
The nodes network boot fine when UEFI/PXE or BIOS(legacy)/PXE.
Our nodes are Wiwynn Tioga pass.

Is it possible to turn off HTTP network boot in MAAS?

I am running version 3.0.


@ashy250611, did you ever figure this one out yet?

No. We changed the systems to legacy bios and the systems booted.

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