Kernel options break maas?

I am new to maas.

I managed to setup a couple of servers successfully.

Now I have some other servers that use a serial console.

In the UI, I went to Settings/Kernel parameters to add by default.

There I set console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200

So that both devices will work as console.

Now I can see the boot process on my servers that rely on Serial Console. however nothing works.

Not even try to comission the servers that worked before.

I actually believe that by setting the kernel options I am overriding defaults for MAAS, options that are required for the process to work.

For example, I dont see cloud-init activity and so on. Something gets broken when setting those options.

I went and delete the kernel options , and things went back to working… and I cannot see what is going on in the Serial Servers.

How cant I check wich kernel options are being applied, how do I MODIFY them adding some more options?

anybody knows how to modify the kernel parameters without breaking MAAS?