Kernel-cmdline fails only on HPE hardware, after adding vlan

Hello everyone. I have successfully deployed 8 servers (all Quanta servers).
Now I tried to deploy the last two HP servers (HP DL360P Gen8): When adding it, the commisioning process works fine. When I add my bond on the NICs ( bond between two fibers to each switch, with an untagged interface for PXE boot) as well as 2 VLANS on teh bond, then the comissioning process fails at the last step. 99-maas-05-kernel-cmdline. This is the exact same config used on the other Quanta nodes, that works fine.

I have checked the logs and nothing out of the ordinary. On the commisioned node, it also seems fine. “All scripts successfully ran” and it goes through ssh keys and then the shutdown process.

Anyone know where I can look, or what I can do to further debug this?

@serverant, did you ever resolve this one?