Juju controller error 500

I am trying to configure a setup with MAAS and Juju. I have MAAS configured with a rack + controller with 4 nodes that works perfectly, on another computer I want to install Juju and all connected in a class A network.

When executing the command “juju bootstrap maas-cloud” it throws the following error;

ERROR failed to bootstrap model: cannot start bootstrap instance: failed to acquire node: unexpected: ServerError: 500 Internal Server Error (list index out of range)

I’ve searched for the error and I can’t find it, any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @crfigueroa, welcome to the MAAS Discourse!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, it’s a bit tricky to diagnose your issue without more information and logs. Could you look over https://maas.io/docs/report-a-bug and give us more info?