Juju bootstrap fails because updates cannot be fetched

Hello. I’m testing out MaaS in a virtual environment. I have MaaS region and rack controllers deployed to one machine with two NICs:

  • NIC 1:

    • Connected to an upstream network
    • Has IP
  • NIC 2:

    • Acts as a gateway for a private network
    • Has IP
    • Provides DNS and DHCP for the subnet

So far I’ve been able to add two machines to my cluster. Now I’m trying to provision one of them as a Juju controller. When I do that, the machine that MaaS selects fails deployment because it cannot reach

I enabled IP forwarding on the MaaS rack/region controller, but that didn’t seem to help. The provisioning process for the Juju controller still fails with the same problem.

FWIW I am running MaaS version 2.4.2. Any ideas about what configuration is missing?

Thank you.

Does it work if you change the MAAS URL to point to

maas-region local_config_set --maas-url

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That helped. Thank you.

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