Issue with commissioning

In order to optimize the time of deployment, we create machine with cli (maas machine create …) to by pass the enlist phase, but unfortunately the commissioning process stop with an error on cloud-final service, and the machine does not shutdown. After investigation, the error seems to come netplan with the file generated by maas. (unknown keyword config: in /etc/netplan/50-maas.yaml)

has anyone ever encountered this issue ?

What OS are you deploying?

ubuntu 18.04 for the moment, the maas version is 2.6.2

An other thing, if i let maas do the enlisting phase the problem dot not appear. The enlisting phase works well and commissionning and deploying phase as well.

We also pre-create machines and are seeing this behavior as of the 2.6.2 upgrade. The 50-maas.yaml file is apparently related to ephemeral deployments, so we’re trying to figure out why it’s setting ephemeral deployment (or diskless?) on a commissioning run.

We found the applicable code here:
self.is_diskless or
from L1357 clears things up for this particular situation. We surmise that pre-created machines (i.e., that haven’t scanned for disks yet) will show as diskless during commissioning and trip this flag. Bug to be filed.

bug here:

There appears to be a fix for this in 2.7.x

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