Is the WebSocket is used for a complex scenario in MAAS UI

I would like to get a piece of information regarding MAAS UI WebSockets. Is the communication over websockets in MAAS UI involve complex scenarios?

Simple scenario example:
If you need to press a button, open a WebSocket, send a message from a form (like a username or password) and close it that should work.

Complex scenario :
For instance, open a WebSocket, send a username and then based on a response in the WebSocket send a password.


Hi @vx-pallavi

The way that WebSocket is used in MAAS UI is closer to the complex scenario that you described.
The WebSocket connection is opened as soon as you log in (via REST API endpoint) and MAAS UI does not close it after exchanging messages at any point.

In case this doesn’t answer your question, could you please explain what are you trying to achieve in more detail?


Thank you @petermakowski

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