Is MAAS RBAC a paid subscription?


Knowing that the MAAS RBAC has to use Canonical-Rbac which requires a paid subscription, does this mean that MAAS RBAC is a paid subscription? If it is then could anyone share the pricing page?

I have seen this following link below but its not clear to me if this is the only path to deploy MAAS RBAC like MAAS(client) → Canonical-Rbac(policy server) → Candid(Authentication mediator) → Identity Server


The Canonical RBAC service is an external service to MAAS that extends the functionality of MAAS and provides role-based access control. Written in Python, RBAC is closed source. The private license requires Ubuntu Advantage to be gain access to the private PPA.

You can check the information here and contact sales through that page in case

thanks @r00ta ,so could you confirm this, I can NOT implement MAAS RBAC without Canonical-Rbac correct?

Yes, I confirm your understanding is correct

Thanks @r00ta, appreciate your input