Is MAAS capable of co-existing with NetworkManager on gw/firewall?


I have been trying to find info about MAAS’s specific requirements for:

  1. Supported host OS - if it’s a snap, will it basically run on any OS that has snapd and postgresql?
  2. Network Renderer (e.g. networkd, NetworkManager, ifupdown, etc.) - is it tied to networkd, or do dhcpd+auto-discovery still work regardless of which renderer the host OS is using?
  3. Ancillary network packages: cloud-init, netplan, dnsmasq, ufw, etc. does the MAAS snap require any of these to be available as packages on the system in order for the network features in MAAS to function properly?

The reason I ask is I was hoping to build a gateway/firewall box with cockpit and perhaps use MAAS on it, but cockpit requires NetworkManager + firewalld for its network functionality.

Is MAAS relatively OS-agnostic, and does it require any of the aforementioned tools to be available? Also, will it function on system running NetworkManager (does it require networkd)?


Hi Avery,

  1. Yes, MAAS should be able to run on any OS that has snapd and postgres. But there might still be some complications, so we officially support running MAAS on Ubuntu only.

  2. MAAS uses networkd to configure the deployed machines. MAAS itself doesn’t care whether networkd or NetworkManager is used on the host that MAAS is running.

  3. Those packages are built-in to the snap, so they don’t need to be on the host system.

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@averyfreeman, did Bjorn’s answer (above) help you? just me following up. yeah, i know, who does that, right? :slight_smile: