IPMI User requirements


I am trying to understand the minimum required priviledges required for IPMI users in MAAS: https://maas.io/docs/power-drivers-reference - the IPMI section notes a user operation mode: “User, Operator, Administrator”

Can I configure a user with the User priviledge permission in IPMI?


You can indeed, we have provisions for all three privileges in the Ipmi power driver:

# provisioningserver/drivers/power/ipmi.py
245 |    [IPMI_PRIVILEGE_LEVEL.USER.name, "User"],
246 |    [IPMI_PRIVILEGE_LEVEL.OPERATOR.name, "Operator"],
247 |    [IPMI_PRIVILEGE_LEVEL.ADMIN.name, "Administrator"],
248 | ]

MAAS can work with user privilege, but if you commission the machine you have to select Skip configuring supported BMC controllers with a MAAS generated username and password

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