Install MAAS on CentOS 8 - Web interface not responding

I have a clean installation of CentOS 8 server, and have only installed snapd and then MAAS. I am using the maas-test-db snap as database. Didn’t get any errors or warnings during the installation and followed, but couldn’t do step 5 due to the web interface not responding.

Any ideas or debug help?

I have similar setup, but with external database and works well. Check if the Firewalld or SELinux is blocking the connection.

you can check if the firewall is enable with: systemctl status firewalld

you can see if SELinux is enforcing (enable) with: getenforce

Thank you so much for the help, it was firewalld.

I had forgotten CentOS 8 uses nftables instead of iptables, and since iptables showed as accepting everything, I had ruled out such potential problems.


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