Imaging and moving MAAS nodes, IPMI vs WoL

Is it possible to image and move a Ubuntu (18.04) MAAS node from one machine to another and re-connect it to the same MAAS controller? If so, how? Is there a guide online to achieve this? It doesn’t seem to be possible using the MAAS web UI so I expect it would be a manual process but that would be preferable to re-installing the machine in question.

The scraps of documentation that I have been able to find that kinda relate to this process seem to assume only one disk is being imaged so is it possible to image and move a MAAS node that has two or more separate disks?

Is having an IPMI BMC a mandatory requirement for MAAS nodes or is PXE booting enough? Can wake-on-lan be used in place of IPMI?



IPMI is not a requirement, you can choose “manual” (among other options) as “Power type” for a server.

WoL is unfortunately not supported natively, however it can be implemented:

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