<imagenamwe> not found amongst the known Ubuntu releases!

I have a system that cannot be deployed, giving the " not found amongst the known Ubuntu releases! " error.

It’s a custom image of CentOS7 and it’s been deployed hundreds of times in the past.

I’ve tried logging out and back in, forcefully refreshing during different parts of the deployment diaglogs, but it refuses to depoy.

I have also tried:

  1. Loading MAAS up in a different browser which was not logged into MAAS, opening this node, and attempting to deploy. Same error.
  2. Recomissioning the node. Same error on deploy.
  3. Deleting and re-adding the node to MAAS. Same error on deploy.
  4. Trying to deploy other images

@evan.sikorski, did you ever resolve this?

Hi, were you able to resolve this ? Im also seeing this exact issue on a new hardware.

@crazylx, can you get us some version information and logs on this? i’m not sure OP is going to respond after two years…