I want to interview users about doc

I want to make our MAAS doc better. I want to know what you think would make it better. All reported information from the interview will be completely anonymous. Bounce back to me here if you’re interested.


I am up for providing some feedback.

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Same, hit me up if you’d like some feedback.

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cool. my email is bill.wear@canonical.com. let’s work out a time that works for you, and we’ll set up a video call.

excellent, ping me at bill.wear@canonical.com and let me know when you’re available; let’s work out a time that works well for you, so we can chat.

@j-klare, @bmcnally-uw: please go here to book some time with me to discuss documentation! eager to hear your feedback.

Make it clear WHERE the documentation lives for a particular version. This took me a while and I’m still not sure but it seems these discourse posts are the best place for docs for the 3.4-beta.

Document the complete flow for setting up the simplest 1-machine Maas region+rack controller, with real database (not the test one). I’ve spent a week trying to do this with a bare metal ubuntu 22.04 minimal server, and I yave yet to see MaaS work in its simplest form (just want it to come up, and have PXE boot / discovery and commissioning work.) I’ll start another thread on that.

Thanks for your hard work, and engaging the community on this!

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being new to MAAS, i have struggled w/ the current documentation, especially the quick start guide is missing quite a lot of information, and yet my installation is incomplete

happy to contribute, lmk