HR330A - UEFI boot is not working

Hello team,

I would like to request help with MaaS and Lenovo Ampere HR330A.
This hardware has no legacy PXE, it only boots via UEFI.
When I try to boot it via MaaS PXE it goes to the grub 2 page, I did download the isos for ubuntu ARM64 but it does not fix the issue.
I would like to know how can I boot these Servers using UEFI and if Maas has support for this type of hardware ARM64.

I’m using MAaS 2.8 with standard apt installation, running on Ubuntu 18.

Kind Regards,

It was needed to download the ARM64 imagens and remove the arm64 ones. After this was necessary to add the amd64 again and the ARM64 servers was able to boot via PXE UEFI.
Tested on Maas 2.9 and Maas 2.8.