HPE Apollo errata requires kernel cmdline mods

Hey all,

Recently we got some HPE Apollo 6500 gen10 plus 6U servers in the lab.
We found that there is an errata where PCIe NICs (the default NIC in the BOM) do not function unless kernel cmdline args are added.


This causes the ephemeral image to not be able to load NIC drivers and enlistment crashes out without ever alerting MaaS or creating a “New” machine

I don’t know of a way for a new system going through the enlistment process to use the needed kernel cmdline variables and I’m not sure I want all ephemeral images to use those args for every platform.

Are there any thoughts here on how I should proceed?


@dcampbe, did you ever sort this out

Hey @billwear, we have been using pci=realloc=off in global kernel cmdline args for a few months and seem to be stable. Seemingly minimal impact to a large number of misc server types.

Haven’t yet been able to find a way to set enlistment kernel args automatically.

thanks for getting back. i’m going to just leave this one open for now. i don’t have a good answer, but maybe somebody does.