How to update bmc config with maas-run-scripts?

I want to run 30-maas-01-bmc-config in report-results . I don’t know how to modify this script

maas version 3.1

i’m not sure you can do what you’d want to do. you could change an obscure parameter in the database to get 30-maas-01-bmc-config to run, but it only returns an error because $BMC_CONFIG_PATH isn’t set. and even if you manage to set that environment variable, you still might not get what you’re after, and you might need to change the database back so you don’t cause MAAS to hiccup.

i can tell you how, but it would be with a “might not work like you expect to, use at your own risk, might crash the system, might lose data, i can’t help you go backwards” warning. first i want to see if there’s a better way to get what you want. what are you hoping to accomplish by running this?

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