How to troubleshoot rescue mode extremely quickly shutting down?

I wanted to boot one of my machines into rescue mode. Now, all of a sudden, the rescue mode system boots, then some error message flashes by too quick to read, and it immediately powers off.

Is it possible to capture all the boot messages to analyze them and see what is causing this?

You can find the location of all MAAS log files in the following Document:

If at all possible, capture at least the following logfiles, for the time period surrounding your error situation:

the rsyslog file of the affected machine(s), if it exists.

On snap, these files are located as follows:


If you’re using packages, you’ll find the files in these locations:


If you’re specifically after the boot log of a machine, that’s found at /var/log/boot.log

Here are the requested documents.


After rebooting the MAAS machine it started to work again.

Hi @rabjen-iwes

I don’t see any errors in the log files that you’ve provided.
When you enable “Rescue Mode” for the machine, you ask machine to PXE boot and MAAS will provide a special image.

The error you had was during PXE boot process or it was an error of the OS startup process?

Is it still reproducible?