How to set specific bind IP or NIC for MAAS

Hi everyone,

I have a MAAS installed on a machine with two NICs, one for public and one for private network. Currently, I’ve blocked all external traffic for MAAS ports but I still prefer If I can set IP or NIC for MAAS to bind. So Any suggestions on how to do it? :slight_smile: BTW MAAS has been installed via snap (version stable/3.0)

Hi, currently MAAS doesn’t provide a way to specify on which interfaces to bind services.

Ideally, the maas machine shouldn’t directly exposed on the internet, but if this is your case setting up a firewall to disallow external access as you did is your best option.

Another option could be to run MAAS in a container or VM with an interface directly connected to the internal NIC (via linux bridge or MACVLAN), in which case MAAS would only see the internal network.

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