How to set BIOS setting of target server in MaaS


I am looking to configure the BIOS setting of target server from MaaS, can someone please help to suggest on how that needs to be done?


Hi @kiranta and welcome to the community!

Generally you can not manage the BIOS settings of a machine from MAAS. You have to configure PXE/(hardware)RAID and other configurations on your own

Hi @kiranta

It is indeed not possible to manage BIOS settings from MAAS as @r00ta mentioned, however if you have BMC controller that supports Redfish, you can try customising built-in commissioning script that does BMC configuration or craft your custom commissioning script.

Some BMC controllers do support PATCH: /redfish/v1/Systems/1/Bios

E.g. Supermicro should support this according to the manual

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