How to rescue and restore a broken host among five hosts of openstack deployed by MAAS juju charm?

Hi friends,
An openstack cloud was set up fowllowing up to official guide:" [] ", which took five dell R720 servers and one T140(as juju controller). Finally, it comes to work well after serveral issues such as raid and partation.
One day, I made a mistake to remove the boot disk of one host, and the data on this disk had been cleared. When I came to awere of that, it seemed to be late even I put back this disk.
Then I tried to enter the rescue mode on MAAS, the system on it could boot up and ssh works OK .
Yes, just here, I am waiting for any friend could share any instructor guide or experience to rescue this host.(of course, maybe reinstall zed again, but I prefer to experience the rescure processing).
Thanks !

Hi @william1970 ,

that’s unfortunate indeed.

You can read more about he MAAS rescue mode here. In short, your machine will load an ephemeral image that allow you to do any kind of maintenance (i.e. mount disks, do whatever).
This means you don’t have to think about the “rescue mode” like a way to recover your data. If your data is gone, MAAS itself can’t do anything.

Thanks a lot!
correct,So HA deployment will be more critical for prodution enviornment.