How to purge sticky ip in the subnet?

There are lots of sticky IP addresses observed several months ago (not in use anymore), but I cannot find a way to purge them.

You mean “neighbours”?

Used IP addresses at /MAAS/r/subnet/1.

IP addresses within the “dynamic reserved range” still been occupied by hosts that have been released.

MAAS 3.4/stable 3.4.2-14353-g.5a5221d57

Sticky IPs are the static IPs defined by the user. Please ensure you don’t have these IP allocated to machines

Thanks for your message. But in my situation, no machine uses these IP addresses, and the “last seen” value seems to be several months ago.

I’d suggest to run this query

FROM   maasserver_staticipaddress
JOIN   maasserver_interface_ip_addresses
JOIN   maasserver_interface
JOIN   maasserver_nodeconfig
ON = maasserver_interface.node_config_id
JOIN   maasserver_node
ON = maasserver_nodeconfig.node_id
WHERE  ip=''; 

and see if you get a result. If not, start removing some joins and spot if you have orphan resources

Thank you. It seems to be an orphan IP record. Should I manually delete this record from the db?

Would be interesting to know how you ended up with an orphan IP but yeah, I’d say that’s the only way

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