How to preserve data on existing raid arrays while deploying servers

Hi All,

Is there any way to preserve data on existing disks at new deployments? Some of our servers have already configured software raid arrays before deployment. Can we mount these existing raid arrays without formating?

Hi there @demircan-serhat,
As of 3.1, you can add an already deployed machine (as in there is an OS already provisioned on the server) to MAAS which will preserve the present disk configuration. MAAS can also preserve storage configuration while commissioning by selecting the “preserve storage configuration” option. This combination should allow you to an a server and preserve the raid configuration. The one thing you can’t do it have the raid array configured, but then add the machine as a standard new machine.

Actually our scenario is little bit different from enlisting already deployed machine. In some cases we had to reinstall operating system(generally because of hardware failures). In such cases we want to use already configured raid array without wiping data. Curtin wipes superblocks on disk by default on new deployments so we can not preserve existing data.

I could achieve this by giving custom storage configuration to curtin as explained here. I wonder can we do it via cli or gui at newer versions of MAAS?

By the way, I forgot to mention our MAAS version is 2.8.7.

@demircan-serhat, did you try the “preserve storage configuration” mentioned above, when commissioning the machines?