How to pre-register machine with IPMI address as FQDN?Is this possible?

I tried setting IPMI IP address field as FQDN, then machine is powered on and started commissioning.
But commissioning is never end, and New machine with petname is registered on New status. Checking this new machine, IPMI IP address is IPv4 associated with FQDN.

Why New machine is registered, and is it possible to set IPMI IP address Field as FQDN?

Is there best practice to pre-register machine that be unsettled IPMI and MAC Address info?

Regarding docs of BMC enlistment, power_address is used to match pre-enlisted machine.

Power_address collected 30-maas-01-bmc-config is IPv4 or IPv6, and therefore we cannot use FQDN for power_addreess.

The short answer is: No.

But I can share my workarounds:

  1. use unique hostnames in the cluster
  2. assign FQDN [hostname]-mgmt to the BMC/IPMI IP of each machine
  3. write a python program and put it into crontab, runs every 5 min: using MAAS api, update the BMC IP for each machine.
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