How to manually initialize maas-region-controller

I need to deploy maas (3.0) using a distributed architecture

1 maas-region-controller
1 postgress server
5 maas-rack-controller

Error initializing region:

  1. apt install maas-region-controller
  2. maas init region

Something went wrong, unrecognized arguments: region

How to use distributed architecture deployment correctly?


Basically :

  • install Postgresql and create a user+schema for maas
  • install your maas region controller :
    maas init region --database-uri "postgres://<maas_db_user>:<maas_db_pass>@<PGSQL_DB>/<maas_db_schema>"
  • connect to maas and from there, go to the controller tab then add new controller, you’ll get a command line including a token to use in order to register your rackd controllers

That’s about all you need to do.
You can also very easily add more region server (at least one more) which will let you enable HA on the DHCP/PXE side.

Warning : be extremely careful to have all your machines in sync with NTP or you might encounter lots of troubles.

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@Jerry, just making sure you saw the above suggestion.

thank you very much!!

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