How to manage VMs (snap/2.9/UI)

If you have already created a VM host, you will want to create and delete virtual machines (VMs); this article will explain:

How to add a VM

While on VM host’s details view, select ‘Compose’ from the ‘Take action’ drop-down menu to compose a machine.

You can choose which storage pool to use from a drop-down list.

Note that when adding more than one disk, the boot disk will be the last disk in the list.

Click the ‘Compose machine’ button when you’re finished. MAAS will present the VM host detail view. In a few moments, your new machine will be auto-commissioned. The ‘Machines’ page will reflect this as well.

MAAS will deduct the new machine’s resources from the VM host’s resources:

How to delete a VM

To delete a VM, delete it as you would any other MAAS machine. Select the desired machine from the list of machines and select ‘Delete’ from the ‘Take Action’ menu.