How to login to a machine that has passed/failed to commission?

I am very new to this platform. I hope I am not violating any rules. I have a question:
To see logs such as cloud-init during a node enlistment or commissioning, how to login to the node? What is the default login and password? #sudo ssh maas-user@node-ip says perrmission denied.


you might try ubuntu@... – that’s what works for me, assuming i’ve got the right SSH keys set up.

@billwear: Thank you for the response. ubuntu@nodeip worked only if the enlistment or commissioning succeeded. I needed it in case of failure, to see the system logs hoping to find the cause of failure. Anyway, I got past this requirement as of now, since my node has been enlisted and commissioned.

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@yrnr, there are some rsyslogs for individual machines, but i don’t know whether they enable on a failed commissioning. but i’m glad you got past the issue. there are a few things you can check when you get commissioning failures, mostly related to network issues: someone else serving DHCP and causing conflicts, IP addressing issues, etc. good luck with you explorations!

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