How to get MAAS Essential for a managed machine to use RBAC?

For a few months, I have been researching how to get MAAS Essential for my POC. I mainly want to try the RBAC feature so I can have different users access only their assigned bare-metal server.

I have contacted someone at Ubuntu, but they don’t seem to know how MAAS works… and eventually they don’t respond. I was even assigned a regional rep but she doesn’t know anything except what’s on the website.

For my POC, I have a 1U bare-metal region controller and a 1U bare-metal rack controller.
I have two 1U bare-metal that I want to assign to two different users and each user should not see the other server. Basically the MAAS Essential RBAC feature.

-Do I need UA-I Essential for region controller, rack controller, and all managed bare-metal machines?
-Is the $30 MAAS Essential only needed for the managed bare-metal servers?
-Would the 3 free personal tokens for UA-I Essential work with MAAS Essential? Or do I have to pay $225 for an actual Enterprise token for UA-I Essential?
-After I attached the token for UA-I to region and rack controller, how do I get MAAS Essential for the managed bare-metal machines?

From the Ubuntu site, it looks like managed machines do not need UA-I, but my Ubuntu sales contact didn’t know how that works…
*Support and commercial capabilities for MAAS are included with [Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure(UA-I).
*In the case where Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure is not purchased for managed machines, then MAAS support can be purchased as a standalone service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sho1sho1sho1

A member of Canonical should reach you over DM (Direct Message) to try and resolve your issue regarding licensing.

Meanwhile I will mark this post as closed.
Please don’t hesitate to write me a direct message if for some reason you didn’t get anything from us in your Discourse messages inbox.