How to disable SSL for VMWare power driver on MASS 3.3 server

I have added a VM as new machine on MASS 3.3 serevr on Ubuntu.
Power type I have selected as ‘VMWARE’.
Commisioning failed with below error -

Failed to power on node - Power on for the node failed: Failed talking to node’s BMC: [SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:997)

I want to try with disable SSL.

Please help here with command to disable ssl on MASS 3.3.

Hello @sudhirnigam

Can you please paste power parameters you specify for the VMWare power driver?

According to the VMWare power driver code you need to provide https+unverified as a schema to skip SSL cert verification.

please find below parameters -

Did you have https+unverified before and that SSL issue happened with that option or you just added it and behaviour didn’t change?

Can you please attach full logs for the Rack controller?

Earlier I didn’t have this option, but even after adding https+unverified comminsioning is failing.

please let me know where to keep logs.

Is it failing with the same error?

Just attach them to the message, there is an “Upload” button