How to detach an installed machine from MAAS (offline use)

Is it possible to use MAAS only for installation of OS. Once installed what is the best way to detach it from MAAS so it becomes an independent server/machine.

I have a use case where we need to deploy OS on the machines and then have them boot independently and not require MAAS to functions, without too much hacking.

so, @irathore, it’s an interesting idea. what specifically are you hoping to accomplish by detaching it? are you trying to use MAAS to provision desktops or something?

Sorry, I did not get notified of your response earlier.

You are correct, I have server farms that we push OS to. MAAS seems to do a great job, but I want the deployed machines not to depend on MAAS for its operation. These are mostly systems we use as KVM servers (But desktop are definitely in my radar, same workflow) . I was thinking:

  1. Log into deployed machine.
  2. Configure static IP
  3. Configure ssh/password for standalone operation
  4. Disable cloud-init.
  5. Remove it from MAAS DB

I was trying to find out what does “Delete Machine” do but the docs are silent on it.

@irathore, AFAIK, this is not a feature we currently support, because we don’t routinely envision using MAAS this way. i remember that more than one person has asked about this. some people might even be using MAAS this way, but if they are, at least I am not aware of it.

the only way it might get in our roadmap is if it’s added to the feature requests. it might even work better if you are a supported customer and make the request through your support rep, but i really can’t say this is currently a core target for what MAAS does as a bare-metal provisioning tool, as I understand it.

others in the MAAS engineering and support teams, please feel free to counter my opinion if you have different information or ideas.

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