How to deploy Debian on MAAS

I’m following this guide but during the deploy the issue ihas been “Kernel Panic”. Here is the logs on MAAS. My lab is based on u20.04 an MAAS 2.7.0

I’ve seen that to use a Debian on MAAS is possible only via MAAS Image Builde and to have that is necessary to do a subscription on Ubuntu Advantage. But, being that a my lab, is possible to buy a MAAS essential plan to obtain it?

thanks in advance.

Debian images are currently not supported. On every MAAS deployment MAAS provides cloud-init configuration which configures apt repositories for Ubuntu. Deployments which don’t use apt ignore this configuration. Curtin runs apt update and ensures that a kernel and boot loader are installed. This is failing because the repositories are configured for Ubuntu when they need to be configured for Debian.

Fixing this would require a bunch of backend work which we do not currently have planned.

ok, perfect.

So in the MAAS image Builder guide there is wrote that:

MAAS Image Builder is an alternative to packer for creating MAAS images. You can:

what does mean “…create other kinds of custom images”, it is always referred for Ubuntu?

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