How to create customs curtin_userdata when MAAS runs in SNAP?

Is there a way to personalize curtin_userdata files when MAAS runs in SNAP ? (ex : curtin_userdata_ubuntu_amd64? )

When MAAS is installed from packages, curtin_userdata scripts are stored in /etc/maas/preseeds/ and coud be modified, as decribed here :

With SNAP, as users can’t modify container’s files, how can we interact with files contained in /snap/maas/current/etc/maas/preseeds/ ?
I imagine that the developers who packaged MAAS with SNAP have developed an alternative so that users can continue to manage their own curtin scripts!

Thanks a lot!

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This would be a show-stopper for me

Hi @gfe-efg and @jeremy-mordkoff,

In the snap, you can override existing preseeds by putting a different version of the file (matching the original name in /var/snap/maas/current/preseeds/.
The directory will contain *.sample files that are a copy of the original ones.
You can copy/rename the one(s) you want to override and make the necessary changes. They will take precedence over the ones shipped in the snap.


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