How to Connect to Server Behind MAAS Node

Hey all, I have a router with MAAS behind it and Kubernetes behind the MAAS controller (it has 2 NICs — one connected to the Kubernetes and one connected to the router). I am trying to connect to a container in Kubernetes with an IP address of from another computer on the router. However, I can’t connect.

The MAAS controller has an IP address of and I can connect to that just fine. However, the network is not exposed to the router. How can I connect to the Kubernetes cluster from a computer connected to the router? Is there an automated way I can do this without having to manually bridge IPs in the MAAS for every new container? Also, can I do this in a way that has a minimal impact to the security that having a MAAS node inbetween the Kubernetes cluster and the router provides?

I’m not sure I understand. Why do you think going through the MASS controller adds security.

You could connect your 10.12 net to the router, or you could add a route on your router pointing at the MASS controller for the 10.12 net and make the MASS controller the default GW for everyone and enable IP forwarding on the MASS controller, basically turning it into a router.

Personally, I add a connection to my 10.12 net to my router and I make that the default gateway. It simplifies everything. If I was concerned about security, I would add rules on the router.

Hi @yaroch,

use --> settings --> network services --> Proxy
here is the configuration you can choose between