How to backup/restore MAAS when it runs in SNAP?

How to backup/restore MAAS when it runs in SNAP?
MAAS version: 2.7.0

Data for the snap itself can be backed up using snap backups:

sudo snap save maas

will create a backup (and print out its ID). If the snap is configured in all mode, this will include database as well.

The command should be run with MAAS stopped to avoid database inconsistencies.

The backup can be restored with

sudo snap restore maas <id>

using the id returned by the previous comand (it can also be found with snap saved).

You can also backup the PostgreSQL database from the snap with the following command (which must be run with MAAS running):

export PGPASS=$(sudo cat /var/snap/maas/current/regiond.conf | sed -n 's/database_pass: \(.*\)/\1/p')
sudo pg_dump -U maas -h /var/snap/maas/common/postgres/sockets -d maasdb > maasdb.sql

If you’re running PostgreSQL outside of the snap (which is suggesed for production setups), you can run a similar pg_dump command replacing the -h option with the hostname/address of you PostgreSQL server.

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Thanks for the info @ack! This would be handy in the Backup docs.