How to add a host without restarting the server


I deployed MAAS: 3.0.0
I have a batch of hosts that are already running different applications and cannot be reboot;
I want to add this batch of machines to MAAS, how should I implement it?

You should take a look here : Show and Tell: Enlisting & commissioning deployed machines

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But 3.0.0 does not support the deployed parameter

It seems that we can only wait for 3.1.0 to be released

well, @Jerry, i’ve got a little good news, anyway: just published the 3.1.0-beta1, which should have that feature in it. it’s Beta, so calibrate your expectations accordingly, but you if you have a non-production system to try it, sudo snap install --channel=3.1/beta maas. release notes, et al, following this afternoon, if all goes well.


@Jerry - let us know if you try 3.1.0-beta1, excited to hear from you.

Hi @anton5mith, @billwear - I’m testing this feature now and running into some difficulties. I see that the machine enlists, and the creds.yaml file is created. Per the documentation, I then call the following from the machine I would like to commission:
./maas-run-scripts report-results --config $(hostname)-creds.yaml

Results look good:

* Fetching scripts from to /tmp/tmpht98ki46/scripts
* Running '40-maas-01-machine-resources'... success
* Running '50-maas-01-commissioning'... success
* Running 'maas-list-modaliases'... success
* Running 'maas-lshw'... success
* Running 'maas-serial-ports'... success
* Running 'maas-support-info'... success

However, checking the machine in the MaaS Region Controller UI, I see it has failed commissioning with error:
Failed to read /tmp/tmpht98ki46/resources.json: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpht98ki46/resources.json'

Any ideas on this? The machine to be commissioned is running Ubuntu 18.04.6. It looks like the commission scripts are succeeding, but I can’t find the resources.json file created anywhere in /tmp of the machine I’m attempting to commission.


@benhunt, thanks so much for trying this out! you’re a champ!

at first glance, this doesn’t look right, so please file a bug. it might be as simple as a typo or a missing configuration step in the doc, but we should at least try this ourselves in the core team to see what’s going on.

Hi @billwear,

Thanks for your reply and instruction on where to file bugs! I’ve spent considerable time digging into this feature over the last week as it would be extremely valuable to our MaaS deployment which needs to manage a few hundred machines which have already been deployed through other imaging means. I’ve generated the following bugs which, at present, unfortunately prevent us from using this awesome new feature. Please feel free to reach out if I can provide any additional context!


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thanks, @benhunt! much appreciated.