How should work? Network layout

Hey folks.

As you can see, MAAS + Network seems to be an endless talk.

I have some questions following the diagram bellow.

Let’s say the Server01 and Server02 only have one NIC and one MGMT Port for iDRAC.

Servers boot and are enlistned on MAAS using NIC to PXE boot, they get an IP from MAAS on network

MAAS-SERVER has 4 interfaces, they are all VLANs on the switch, not tagged VLANs + Trunking.

What is the proper way to have Server01 deployed with a static IP from INTERNAL.
And Server02 deployed with a static IP from DMZ?

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Have you port on the switch configured with the proper vlan for each server that you want the mass to deploy.

@junior-c, check the suggestion by @rafise. did you check your switch configuration?

Its all good.
Already explain the fix on another post.

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