How does MAAS determines when a host as being "Deployed"


We are looking to identify at which point/mechanism MAAS is using to determine a host is successfully deployed.

We initially thought it was done after the cloud-init run with the “phone-home” feature, but it seems that’s not the case (it seems it’s as soon as the new host initiates an API connection to MAAS)

The reason for this is that we are running ansible-pull from cloud-init to do host configuration and ideally we’d like to delay the “Deployed” status to be after the ansible run has been successfully completed.

MAAS assumes the machine is “deployed” when cloud-init requests the user-data for the first time

Hi thanks for the quick reply.

I guess there’s no way to change this behavior easily (like the call for “phone-home”

unfortunately this is not a small change. I’m going to add this idea to our Feature Request backlog for further discussion.

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