How can I update the interfaces on a MAAS controller?


I’ve deployed a MAAS region+rack setup and since then we’ve added additional interfaces to the server. However, MAAS does not show the new interfaces in the controller, and I can’t find a way to add them or to make it redetect them. I’ve also tried a snap restart maas.


What version of MAAS have you installed?

I’ve got 2.9.2. Though I must admit it’s my own snap build of MAAS due to me adding support for Moonshot Chassis 2.0. So it’s quite possible that I’ve done something wrong. Our plan is to set up a test server with the official snap just to make sure, but I don’t think I’ll get a chance to do that until late next week.

Just though I’d ask here because I’ve been trying all kinds of CLI commands to try and create the interface, and ended up just wiping the database and starting again (under a bit of pressure to get something working).

This is very strange. MAAS should detect new interfaces and periodically report them.

Could you check both region and rack logs for errors?

If it’s easier, you could also file a bug on and attach logs there.
In a snap setup, they’re under /var/snap/maas/common/log/.

@forky2, did you ever get this resolved? if not, there’s an outstanding request from an MAAS engineer (post above this one) for more info. either way, can you lmk?

I don’t think we ever did get this resolved. It’s not been an issue for us though as things haven’t changed since the deployment. I’d be happy to revisit it and see if it’s still a problem.

Just to clarify test procedure, if I add a new VLAN subinterface to /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml and run netplan apply should I expect MAAS to pick up the new interface automatically?

there are new features coming in MAAS 3.2 that will help with this. i wouldn’t open the door again just yet.

Thanks @billwear, happy to wait. However, we won’t be able to upgrade unless we can get the Moonshot Chassis 2.0 support added to MAAS. This is something that I added basic support for in March last year, but I’m not sure how to go about getting it introduced to the main branch. (We’re currently running a custom build with the changes.)

Should I open a launchpad issue and discuss the proposed patches there? My patches will probably need vetting in terms of quality and testing, as I’ve only been able to test against Moonshot 2.0 with a specific model of blade and can’t test for regressions against Moonshot 1.0.

did you ever submit a PR? that’s the preferred method for getting things into the MAAS code.

Thanks. I’ll go straight to a PR.

it shows up in our list, which we review every Monday. when i see it, i’ll call special attention to it.

Thanks. I finally got some free time and submitted a pull request.

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sorry, post has to be 20 characters or more. heh.

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Hi @forky2

Thank you for your PR! The code on GitHub is a mirror only and we don’t merge PRs here.
Can you please create an MP on Launchpad: MAAS in Launchpad instead?

Once you are registered it should be pretty straightforward:

  1. Fork the repo
    Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.59.37
  2. Do the changes and push them to your forked repo
  3. Open your branch and make a merge proposal{username}/maas/+git/maas/+ref/{branch-name}

Thanks for your patience; I’m new to Launchpad. I have submitted a PM.

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brilliant, @forky2. thanks!

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