How can i connect to rack when i select "Allow SSH access and prevent machine from powering off"

Where can i find the private key to connect the rack ?
I had import my own ssh key in maas region but it doesnt seem to be working.
I have been successed to connect other machine in resuce mode before.

@maristelsk, are you trying to connect to the rack controller, or to a machine?

if you’re connecting to a machine, you should login as ubuntu for the SSH key to work.

if you’re connecting to a rack controller, i’d need to understand a little more about what you’re trying to do, since you talk to the rack controller <-- region controller <-- API/UI/CLI.

I want to connect to the rack controller.
I solved this problem with test-script . I wrote a shell script to import ssh-key . But I don’t think it’s the right way :joy:
I need make rack-controller in rescue mode when rack-controller break down. But i can not find the botton.


there isn’t a rescue mode for the rack controller, AFAIK. did you find another way to handle this already?

Yes. I wrote a shell script to import ssh-key and set up to test script

nice. well done, @maristelsk.

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