Hosting MAAS on CockroachDB instead of PostGreSQL

Hi, my company is planning on moving to an on-prem private cloud, using Charmed OpenStack and managing the node enlistment etc with MAAS. We have been working with prototype MAAS and OpenStack deployments for around a month and are working into more HA/prod type deployments.

When looking at HA PostGreSQL for MAAS, the question came up as to whether it would be possible to deploy MAAS against CockroachDB as CockroachDB is PostGreSQL compatible. Has anyone ever tried this or knows to what extent MAAS is capable of running against CockroachDB?


at this moment CockroachDB lacks at least these features used by MAAS:

  • Stored procedures and functions
  • Triggers
  • Events

MAAS won’t work without these so CockroachDB is not a viable alternative.

Thanks for the reply!

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