Help with curtin and user-data

How to validate if my user data is working? I have used the scenario mentioned below to pass user data in MAAS

Hi there,

The way we recommend customizing your deployments is via cloud-init or via curtin preseeds as you have done in your example (You can find more information in Customizing MAAS deployments with cloud-init ).

However, a more elegant way of doing so is via cloud-init user-data
( see )

You can pass user-data every time you deploy a machine via the API, or you can tell curtin to write cloud-init user-data on the installed system so it is executed on first boot. e.g in /etc/maas/curtin_userdata, you could add something like:

    path: /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99_setup_user.cfg
    content: |

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