Have you tested the proxmox power driver with latest proxmox 8.x


New proxmox version jumping from 7.x to 8.x was recently released.

Is anyone using promox 8.0 together with MAAS and the proxmox power driver in MAAS? Is the power driver working fine as with proxmox 7 ?

Yes. I am using it successfully. There is an error in the documentation. For both the Proxmox username and the API key you must include the realm. It should look something like:

Hi @rodger-duffett
Thanks for spotting documentation issue.
I guess you are referring to this one https://maas.io/docs/setting-up-power-drivers#heading--proxmox

So the format was changed in proxmox 8.x and now it should be {username}@{realm} or is it {realm}@{username}?

Hi, Yes. It is that document. The bit that looks like:

The format that works for me needed to have the realm included for both the username and the token name. i.e.
username: pwr@pve
token name: pwr@pve!pwr

For this I have users that look like:

and tokens:

…and of course permissions to the appropriate VM objects.

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