Hardware discovery and kernel auto-configuration in MAAS | Cheap GPU Edition

Hello. I tried adapting this for a cheap GPU (GTX 1650):

Unfortunately what I tried did not work and my commission is hanging after it applies the tag:

dw@maas-effect:~/src/homelab/maas_tags$ cat gtx1650_tag.sh 
maas dw tags create name=gtx-1650 \
     comment="Enable passthrough for gtx1650 GPUs 
              on Intel" \
         //node[@id="cpu:0"]/capabilities/capability/@id = "vmx" 
        and //node[@id="display"]/vendor[contains(.,"NVIDIA")] 
        and //node[@id="display"]/description[contains(.,"VGA")] 
        and //node[@id="display"]/product[contains(.,"NVIDIA")]' \
     kernel_opts="console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8r nomodeset 
          nouveau.blacklist=1 nouveau.blacklist=1 
          nouveau.blacklist=1 video=vesafb:off,efifb:off 
          intel_iommu=on rd.driver.pre=pci-stub 
          rd.driver.pre=vfio-pci pci-stub.ids=10de:1f82

How can I modify the above to successfully make it work for a gtx1650 instead of a Tesla v100? I have determined that the above tag does prevent MAAS from commissioning my machines. Something is wrong with the kernel_opts I can see. But what?


Did you happen to figure this one out? Currently having the same problem.woth an RTX card

hey, @db0west, did you ever figure this out?